Metformin's hypolipidemic action in obese rats and its influence on leptin hormone levels

  • Zainab Sattar Ali , Wassan Mhammed Husain
Keywords: Leptin hormone, Metformin, Lipid profile


Metformin, an old medicine with magical properties, has received a lot of attention in recent years because of its newly discovered beneficial effects. Our study was designed to evaluate the Metformin effect on obese rats. Twenty (20) adult female rats weight and age (250 ± 50 gm > years 3 month respectively), fed on rich carbohydrate and lipid diet until they have (450 ± 50 gm)  after that treatment  with metformin through divided into three periods, the lipid profile and serum leptin levels were measured at each period. At the control group of experiment and at end of each duration (30, 60 and 90 day) the blood sample was collected from the rats who participated in this study. The results showed that Metformin reduced the Total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol concentrations triglyceride and very- low density lipoprotein, on the other side it participated in elevation in High density lipoprotein. In addition, Metformin feeding in the obese rats are associated with significant decrease in serum leptin levels. In conclusion, the results of this study, documented the Metformin has diverse effects through enhancement the lipid profile and decreased leptin hormone value.


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