Monitoring some physical and chemical properties of water in the eastern Al-Haweza marsh using satellite imagery and geographic information systems

  • Hussain Zaydan Ali, Amer M. Hussin, Jasib S. Al-Marsumi
Keywords: Al-Haweza marsh, Water quality, GIS


The Iraqi marshes environments had dramatic changed during the recent years. So, it's essential to study the environmental assessment impact on Iraqi marshes. The environmental quality is greatly focused on water because of its importance in maintaining the human health and health of the ecosystem.  The study is aimed to determine the some physical and chemical parameters of water bodies and detect the environmental changes in the study area. 19 samples were collected from the study area from June to October 2017. Parameters include hydrogen number (pH), total dissolve solids (TDS), turbidity and electrical conductivity (EC). The study area is Al-Haweza marsh, includes Am Al-Naaj, Al-Audhem and Al-Sauda.This paper discusses the application of GIS specifically in monitoring water quality parameters. GIS provides effective tools in monitoring of water quality parameters aid with in situ measurement data. Geostatistics is one of the most advanced techniques in GIS for interpolation of water quality; it is essentially useful in protection, management and preservation of water quality. In this analysis, Kriging method is used for predicting spatial distribution of various parameters.


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