Microbial and chemical quality of bottled drinking water in Baghdad

  • Fatima F. Juma College of Education for Girls, University of Baghdad
Keywords: Microbial, Chemical, Quality, Drinking water


The object of this study was to determined microbial and chemical quality of imported and locally produced bottled drinking water in Baghdad city during 2011 – 2012. Forty commercial marks of bottled drinking water size o.5 l were sampled to determined total bacterial count (TBC), total coliform count (TCC), Streptococcus spp. count (Strep. C) and anaerobic bacterial count (ABC), also pH and total dissolved soluble (TDS) were determined as chemical quality. Results appeared that twenty third of total samples (57.5%) were not qualify for used as drinking water due to high load of ABC, where as FCC and ABC not detected in all studied samples, pH and TDS values were differed significantly among commercial bottled drinking water.


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