Effect of nano-capsule of black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) seeds extract on broiler performance, intestinal micro flora and immune organs index

  • Raad Hatem Razooqi, Murad Kadhim AL- Fadhli, Mustafa Jawad Jalil
  • Marwan Ibrahim Hayder, Aqeel Abdulah Razzooqqy, Mohammed Jabar Ahmed
  • Akram Hayder Oleiwi, A. Salman Dawood Mahmood
Keywords: Chitosan, Black Cumin, Nanoparticles, Broiler


This study aimed to use the chitosan nanoparticles as a carrier of the black cumin seed extract (BCSE) to enhance the stability of the bioactive compounds in hard conditions and their effects on the growth performance, intestinal health and the immune organs index in broiler. Method used in the preparation of the chitosan nanoparticles was by the ionic gelation followed by oven drying at 40 C°. A total of 135 one day old broilers Ross (308) were divided into 3 treatments groups with 3 replicate per each group and 15 chicks per each replicate. The treatments were G1 (Control): basal diet without additives, G2; basal diet + 0.5% black cumin seed extract (BCSE), G3: basal diet + 0.5% black cumin seed extract nanoparticles. Results revealed that the adding of the BCSEN to diets improved (P<0.05) body weight, body weight gain, and feed conversion ratio as compared to the G1 and G2 during the periods from 1-21 and 22-42 days, with the exception of food intake, where there were non-significant differences between the G2 and G3. Also the BCSEN in broiler diets decreased (P<0.05) total aerobic bacterial and coliform bacterial counts as compared to the G1 and G2. The results also showed that both BCSE and BCSEN caused a significant increase (P<0.05) in the relative weight index of the immune organs (Spleen, Thymus, and Bursa of Fabricus) as compared to the G1, but the best results were achieved in the G3, In comparison with the G2. The nano capsulation of the black cumin seed extract (G3) could profoundly improve the growth performance, intestinal health, and the immune organs index, and can therefore be used instead of direct usage of the extract in poultry diet.


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